Sandrine B.

~finding inspiration in the land around me~

Sandrine B. is a jewelry artist living in New York City. Her fascination for gemstones started as a young child who collected gemstones in the town of Vichy (France) and Idar-Oberstein (Germany).  She found her calling in jewelry design in 2008 after visiting a jewelry show in Arizona. Since then she has been studying different techniques with various prominent teachers and artists in New York City. 

Her inspiration comes from people, nature and places around the world.  A number of her pieces are reminiscent of her childhood spent in Corsica.  During her walks in New York City and travels oversea, she collects discarded objects that she uses for inspiration.  Some of her designs are molded from nature: sea shells, branches,etc. Others are loosely inspired from her pictures or drawings.  The jewelry pieces are named after the person or the place that inspired them. 

In keeping with the latest fashion trends as a teenager in France, she soon realized that she had a different aesthetic... although feminine, she often preferred to wear men's sweaters and jackets. This duality can be seen in some of her androgynous jewelry pieces.

She pays close attention to the top, bottom, sides and back of her jewelry.  Some of her designs are asymmetrical and her pendant's backs are as intriguing as its front.  Those are all original designs made by hand in her studio in Brooklyn.

Because she primarily uses the lost wax process her jewelry has dimension and weight.   That solidity ensures that each jewelry piece can be passed on and bring joy and beauty to its wearer.

She uses eco-friendly material.  Her jewelry is casted in New York City by a small business using recycled/eco friendly metals. 

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